Personal Colour Analysis London Eva's Natural Presence

How to use colour to naturally enhance your presence

I mentioned in a previous post (link) that some people believe that a personal colour analysis will leave them not looking like themselves, I think one of the issues surrounding this is having to wear brighter, bolder colours that you might not feel comfortable in.  I don’t think that anybody should wear a colour that they don’t feel comfortable in even if they look stunning in it, if a client is open to this I would often suggest that we do some therapeutic work around their resistance to wearing those colours but it’s their call.

Another issue is that many women prefer a more natural look anyway.  I fall into this category myself, my style personality is natural and this often translates into a comfortable, natural and bohemianesque style. 

natural style by next

Comfortable, casual and bohemianesque by Next

Another thing I have noticed about natural women is that they don’t like loud make-up because they want to look like themselves – this unfortunately can translate into not wearing any make-up at all or a swipe of natural looking lip gloss.  There’s nothing wrong with this if it’s your actual preference but if it’s a choice born out of confusion or lack of confidence, not so great.

Even as a natural woman you can look superbly stunning just by making two changes to your wardrobe:

  1. add a touch of colour – focus on the ones that suit your personality whilst making you look great
  2. find a few shades of lipstick which add contrast whilst still complimenting the overall natural look

Last week I did a virtual personal colour analysis on a VA who fell into the category of being a natural woman, she wanted to enhance her presence whilst still looking and feeling like herself.

The image below shows the before and after images.

Personal Colour Analysis London Eva's Natural Presence


As you can see I focused on adding colour to the two areas I mentioned above, clothing and lipstick.  But I want you to notice some other things too.

Eva already knew how to accentuate her natural beauty, her jewellery and top emphasise her cool winter colouring and as such she looks naturally beautiful with just her eye shadow and some lip gloss.  Unfortunately many women still struggle in this area wearing jewellery and colours that take away from instead of emphasising their natural assets.  Well done Eva for getting this right 🙂

But look how she comes alive when surrounded by the other natural colours in her colour palette (obviously this in only a selection of her palette).  The Bright contrast of the white against her skin means that she can also get away with very little make-up on her palette whilst naturally drawing attention towards her.

You can also use colour to communicate your mood, for example I think that the pink/fuchsia colours bring out a more feminine side to her which would be fantastic on a hot date or even at a sophisticated event.  The green is grounding, earthy and relaxing colour to just lounge around in – I teamed that up with a brighter lipstick just to make her stand out a tad bit more however all it does is add to her presence without overwhelming her natural beauty.

So there you go, increase your natural presence and beauty whilst making a cracking first impression by adding more natural colour to your wardrobe and a few shades of lipstick you feel good about wearing. 🙂

What colour do you think looks best on her and why?


What ya thinking?

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