How to wear earth tones when you're not an autumn

How to wear Earth tones when you’re not an Autumn

I recently did a Personal colour analysis on a lady who loved autumnal earth tones but wasn’t an autumn.  I understood this scenario from a very personal level because autumn is probably one of my favourite seasons in the year and I love the rich, deep and warm colours associated with it.  I loved it so much in fact that I was hugely disappointed when I found out that many of these colours which I would wear were not a part of my Winter palette.

I have found that certain types of women gravitate towards autumnal or earth tone colours.  Generally these women classify themselves as being spiritual and/or nature-loving – it is rear to find someone who loves earth tone colours who also doesn’t have a penchant for connecting with the earth on some level.

So what is a gal to do when she desires to be all earthy and connected but finds that her go to colours are not included in her seasonal palette?

How to wear earth tones when you're not an autumnLet me use the example of author Jenice Reevers.  I conducted a virtual colour analysis with her because she wanted to find colours that made her ‘pop’ for her book launch and signing.  She was a really great student, she took the information I shared with her and bought some great outfits that suited her colouring.  But I also wanted to support her in finding earth tone colours that would suit her colouring as these were some of her favourite colours.

I have analysed Jenice as a Winter more specifically a True or Cool Winter.  This means that she suits cool, deep and bright colours in that order.

I wanted Jenice to see how two of her favourite earth tone colours: green and brown would suit her from each of the deep seasons which surrounded her.  I also changed the colour of her hair slightly by darkening in and came up with this image.

Wear a top or a scarf close to your face and look at the effect it has on you to know if that… Click To Tweet

Jenice Revers Earth Hues

As mentioned in other posts, one way to find if a colour suits you is to wear it as a top or a scarf close to your face and look at the effect it has on you.  Do you look vibrant, healthy and alive or do you look pale, sickly and on your way out?  I want you to take your time and imagine Jenice in a plain top from each of the above seasons – which ones would make her look radiant and which ones wouldn’t?

To me it’s clear that both the Deep and the True Winter palettes would suit Jenice over the Bright Winter and the Deep Autumn palettes.  Probably the least flattering palette is the Deep Autumn because it contains yellow or warm undertones that goes against Jenice’s cooler colouring.

What I really wanted to show Jenice and every other naturalista who isn’t an autumn is that it is possible to find earth tone colours in your season and still feel connected and authentic whilst still looking vibrant.

It IS possible for naturalistas to wear earth-toned colours even if they're not an autumn season Click To Tweet

I actually think it’s important for all women to incorporate earth tone colours into their palette because of the fact that it is very grounding and connecting and therefore encourages you to feel safe, open and strong especially in situations that you might find challenging and difficult.  Just the other day I appeared on an internet TV programme and I wore a burgundy brown top for this very reason, I was as nervous as a hot waffle but I felt grounded, safe and comforted in that top.  I know to many people that might sound strange, but it’s one of the things that I teach the clients who work more in depth and long-term with me.  There is a colour to support you in every mood and situation you might find yourself in.

There is a colour to support you in every mood and situation you might find yourself in. Click To Tweet

Do you love earth-toned colours too?  If so, have you been able to find colours that make you look at your best?



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