Stop Hiding in Darkness, Start Living in Colour


Are you a woman who is tired of being overlooked?  

Do you feel like you haven’t found your unique edge?  

Would you love to be more confident in expressing yourself?

Instead, you want to:

Be seen and Heard

Walk with greater Confidence

Feel valued and alive

Live with greater impact

Colour yourself True with a personalised colour consultation in London, UK - Colour by Achama

Colour by Achama is about remembering how powerful colour can be, adding the spice of colour back into your life and learning how to express yourself more powerfully, vibrantly and authentically.

Why Colour?

Colour is present in all of life and all of creation – it has meaning and tells a story.

When you unlock the power of colour for you and in you, it allows you to communicate and tell your story on a totally different level bringing and attracting opportunities in alignment with you.

Finding your true and best colours can impact your life in so many different ways – but it all starts with knowing that you look 101% your best, that’s something money CAN’T buy.

Florence A UkpabiMy name is Florence (Achama) I am an Authentic Self-Expression Coach focusing on helping women unlock their personal power using personal colour analysis and authentic personal branding.  These tools can be used to activate increased vibrancy, confidence and potential within your personal, professional or business life.

My own personal journey saw me going from a young woman who could wear any colour she wanted, to a woman in her late 20s who perpetually lived in greys and browns.

Falling ill with a rare autoimmune disorder showed me how much I had let life slip through my fingers and as God led me on a healing journey I felt a strong desire to re-introduce colour back into my life.

I found a powerful positive correlation between what we wear on the outside and how we feel on the inside, and decided to help other women get clear and confident about wearing colours that make them look absolutely fantastic.

Why not have a read of some of the testimonials from clients I’ve worked with, I work with a wide range of women from various backgrounds and nationalities the one thing they have in common – they want their life to change for the better and they want to start with their first impression.

You can also visit my blog and find out more about the personal colour and authentic branding services which I offer.

What ya thinking?