Authentic Personal Branding

Stand out Authentically with Personal Branding

colour your brand authentic by Colour by Achama

Personal Branding isn’t something you create it’s something that you are.

My job is to help you express what is already within you.  That is why I use the term ‘Authentic Personal Branding’.  I will help you clarify the soul behind what you do to find the deeply rooted love that will enable you to express yourself to powerfully to your ideal client group.  If you are open to a Christian approach I am happy to use this to help you understand your divine calling.

The Benefits of Authentic Personal Branding

  1. Greater self-worth, value and confidence
  2. Distinctive presence and increased visibility
  3. Increased customer loyalty and referrals
  4. Increased Know, Like, Trust
  5. Consistent communication and vision that drives you
  6. Easily carve out a niche for yourself as a thought leader
  7. Feel good about attracting clients that value you and what you offer

Authentic Personal Branding Menu

Face-to-face Authentic Personal Branding Package – £350

The focus of this half-day in home session is on helping you understand how to express yourself authentically.  We will look at your business/personal brand and the type of first impression you want to create with the emphasis being on how to express yourself authentically and confidently.  Using your unique personal brand as a starting point I will help you understand how to use colour and style to attract the business and life you desire.  Explore your beliefs around being visible and standing out and ways to overcome these challenges.

  • Your business/personal brand
  • Understand what colours best suit you
  • Identify colours and outfits in your wardrobe that don’t express you at your best
  • Explore how to make outfits that don’t work for you work for you
  • Capture your Authentic style avatar
  • Courageous authenticity (further coaching available – see below)
  • What colour when – know what to wear – 3 top occasions
  • Complimentary Seasonal Colour Swatch
  • You can also add on a personalised half-day shopping trip (+ £150 usually £250)

A similar alternative which includes a basic colour analysis and mini wardrobe re-vamp is available in the personal colour section.

Virtual Authentic Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

£90 per hour (or 8 sessions £630) – topics can include:

  • Discovering your brand identity/essence/soul
  • Expressing and communicating your brand identity
  • Personal Style, confidence and assertiveness
  • Authentic marketing and list building
  • Mindset and emotional barriers

For more information on any of the authentic personal branding services please contact me.

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