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African Print Colours with House of Afrika

I’m so excited to bring to you an up and coming designer who specialises in making gorgeous clothes using African fabrics and prints.  Maria Hornsby-Odoi is a fellow alumni of the University of Kent, who stumbled across the idea of designing fashion wear using African fabrics when she struggled to find clothes to fit her own frame.

In today’s post I share some interesting insights about Maria and her brain child “House of Afrika” along with some of her gorgeous designs.



Personal Colour Analysis London Eva's Natural Presence

How to use colour to naturally enhance your presence

I mentioned in a previous post (link) that some people believe that a personal colour analysis will leave them not looking like themselves, I think one of the issues surrounding this is having to wear brighter, bolder colours that you might not feel comfortable in.  I don’t think that anybody should wear a colour that they don’t feel comfortable in even if they look stunning in it, if a client is open to this I would often suggest that we do some therapeutic work around their resistance to wearing those colours but it’s their call.

Another issue is that many women prefer a more natural look anyway.  I fall into this category myself, my style personality is natural and this often translates into a comfortable, natural and bohemianesque style. 

How to wear earth tones when you're not an autumn

How to wear Earth tones when you’re not an Autumn

I recently did a Personal colour analysis on a lady who loved autumnal earth tones but wasn’t an autumn.  I understood this scenario from a very personal level because autumn is probably one of my favourite seasons in the year and I love the rich, deep and warm colours associated with it.  I loved it so much in fact that I was hugely disappointed when I found out that many of these colours which I would wear were not a part of my Winter palette.

I have found that certain types of women gravitate towards autumnal or earth tone colours.  Generally these women classify themselves as being spiritual and/or nature-loving – it is rear to find someone who loves earth tone colours who also doesn’t have a penchant for connecting with the earth on some level.

So what is a gal to do when she desires to be all earthy and connected but finds that her go to colours are not included in her seasonal palette?

How to wear earth tones when you're not an autumn

Tonal Colour Analysis Women of Colour

A Colour for Everybody including Grey

When people think of personal colour analysis it often comes loaded with fears, beliefs and preconceptions.  For example, there is the anxiety of adding more colour to your wardrobe whether it’s leaving behind your colour staples and having to buy a completely new wardrobe or having to eliminate colours that you love because they don’t match your season.   I remember attending a business event where a lady told me about how traumatised she had been because of the words of an image stylist who had told her never to wear a particular colour again.

There are so many women who feel like they have to wear certain colours because they have been told that they are an autumn, winter, spring or summer – because of this they miss the world of opportunity that has just been opened up to them.

stark vision of a colourless future

Colourless Living and the Rise of Grey

I received an email from a British colour psychologist today, it contained a really interesting article on whether the UK was becoming a colourless society.

It reminded me of a dream I had a few months back, in this dream I was walking through a hospital trying to find some cake (symbolic for something else) but every ward I walked through the people felt grey to me.  I say felt rather than looked because what I was picking up on was their energy, they seemed dull and lifeless – without any vibrancy, colour or hope.  As I walked by some of them started to talk quite loudly and animatedly and somebody shushed them, they quickly went back to their normal way of behaving and interacting with each other – hushed tones without laughter.

your first impression wardrobe

How your First Impression shapes your Reality

What does your Wardrobe say about You?


your first impression wardrobe

It doesn’t take long to make a good or bad first impression.  Timings vary but it can be anywhere between 1 and 7 seconds. 

Why I love Colour Analysis (Part 2) – My Colour Journey

My parents being of African-descent, were born with a different perspective to colour than most westerners.  Colour was not something to shy away from, maybe it was the fact that the bright intensity of the sun brought colours to life rather than making it look out-of-place.  So I was raised with my mum making me a dress in nearly every colour of the rainbow before I reached the age of 10.

Me in 2009

Me in 2009

But it wasn’t long before I adopted a more subdued approach to colour and settled for the uniform colour of black and grey and if I was being really brave some brown. The colours I wore on the outside seemed to reflect my deep desire to seclude, seperate and protect myself, and in 2008 I fell ill with a rare nerve disorder.

Why I Love Colour Analysis (Part 1) – Seeing Yourself for the First Time

There is something special that happens whenever I drape another lady, it’s that moment where their eyes open wide as if they are seeing themselves for the first time and a beam of delight illuminates their features.  It is such an amazing moment for them, but also for me – I feel so privileged to be used as an instrument in such a life-altering way.

My desire to enter into colour analysis started with a glimpse at a single photograph.  In this image it became absolutely clear to me why and how the right colour can be such a powerful force in someone’s life.  I can only imagine the thoughts of countless possibilities running through the mind of this lady.