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Sandy Bastien

Sandy Bastien – Entrepreneur (Personal Branding)

My session with Achama provided me with the clarity I needed to get myself on the right track. The statement “if you fail to plan, then plan to fail” makes so much sense to me now.  After working with Achama, I know exactly what I’m working to achieve. I’m confident that my results are no Read More

Katrina Joseph Education Consultant, Specialist in SEND & Financial Education

My Colour analysis with Achama was both refreshing and empowering. I now take my swatch everywhere and I am completely confident about trying colours that work for me, that I wouldn’t have been sure about before.  Achama assured me I could simply change my wardrobe at my own pace, starting with accessories! I went on Read More

Jenny March – upcoming Entrepreneur

View this post on Instagram Some pics from a client colour consultation yesterday. Jenny is a startup #entrepreneur who currently works with deaf and blind kids so her wardrobe is dark for contrast. However, she's tired of dark and wanted to experiment with more colour. #powerofcolour #selfexpression Notice the impact of each colour on her Read More

Karen from Loughton

Good fun and very at ease with Florence, she makes you feel so relaxed.  It was very surprising and I learnt so much – looking at my own scarves afterwards I was amazed at how I could instantly see what worked and what didn’t. Such a valuable lesson and I’m looking forward to shopping with Read More

Luci Monet (Singer/Songwriter)

 I used to run away from strong colours but now I know they suit me best. The experience of a personal colour consultation has been amazing!  I learnt so much about myself in respect to having prejudice towards certain types of colours.  It caused me to not even look twice at particular colours when out shopping Read More

Kemi, The Blast IT Away Coach

  I didn’t know just how important colour is especially when one has only one opportunity to make a good FIRST impression. My session with Florence was like no other. It was literally an eye-opener, literally. I learnt how to ‘see’ colour the right way in relation to my skin. In fact, I could actually Read More